Chapel Hill is the Top Town of the Triangle

North Carolina is an incredibly diverse land. We have some of the most beautiful mountains on the East Coast, breathtaking beach sunsets, nationally ranked universities, NASCAR, Pinehurst, endless breweries, and world-renowned restaurants. North Carolina has something for everyone. U.S. News Ranks North Carolina as one of the Top Ten Fastest Growing States in America–proving many people are catching on to the treasure North Carolina holds. We couldn’t be happier for our ever-growing community. Like Woody Guthrie sang in one of his timeless folk classics: “This land was made for you and me.”

Nestled quietly where the land first starts to swell and dip as she prepares for the foothills lies a little place called Chapel Hill. We’d like to share our top six reasons why our team here at McNeill Burbank adores this town and have called it home for the past ten years.

1. The people. As a homebuilder working in one of the best areas in the United States as well as a top rated area in North Carolina, we know it’s the people that make a place great. We believe it’s our community members that allow those around the country say, “I want to move to North Carolina!” From the students who bring fresh ideas and creativity to the locals brimming with stories of a long life lived on streets and back roads of this town, they all make Chapel Hill a better place and we can’t wait to meet more of them.

2. UNC Chapel Hill. Many in the outside population might know Chapel Hill as being home to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Ranked by Forbes, U.S. News, and Niche as a Top Public University in the country, UNC is something we can all be proud of regardless of who you root for on game day. We admire the professors who continually engage with students, we celebrate the students and the fresh energy they bring and we absolutely cherish the university campus.

3. Food. TOPO (Top of the Hill Distillery) is a Carolina staple and landmark. The atmosphere and history of this community pillar is magnetic in itself. After big sporting victories students often rush to Franklin Street and celebrate on TOPO’s balcony. The energy, food and beer create an experience to behold. We recommend the savory Pork Rib Mac and Cheese as well as a cold pint of the Lewis Black Imperial Stout on tap. Not into dark beer? No problem. There are plenty of IPAs and Pale Ales to choose from as well.

4. Jordan Lake. Summers in the Piedmont of North Carolina are hot and humid. That’s just how it is. Natives are well aware of this sticky season, but folks relocating to the Triangle may not know the best practices to stay cool and dry. Jordan Lake is right in Chapel Hill’s backyard and is a wonderful watering hole for all. We think so highly of Jordan Lake that we have three neighborhoods within a 20-minute drive to this shimmering oasis; Briar Chapel, Claremont, and 751 South. Planning a day trip to soak up some rays on one of the lake’s sandy beaches or putting the boat in and exploring a few of the secluded coves and inlets is a must for anyone who enjoys spending time outdoors. We suggest packing a picnic basket and watching an evening sunset over the water while sipping your favorite beverage. We recommend stopping in at one of the best places (in our opinion) for local flavor–Sutton’s Drug Store located right on Franklin Street.

5. 1870 Farm. Who doesn’t like hanging out with some chickens or exchanging words with a cordial Alpaca? The 1870 farm has a rich history dating back 150 years ago when the sun first rose over the farmland’s rolling hills and wide columned main house. We encourage all Chapel Hill families to spend a day bonding with the furry friends on the 1870 Farm.

6. We call Chapel Hill home. We are proud and honored to be able to call ourselves active members of Chapel Hill culture and society. For the past 10 years we have grown and evolved with Chapel Hill.  Our choice to build timeless homes with beautiful craftsmanship in Briar Chapel, 751 South and Claremont wasn’t random. We chose these areas because of their consistent rank as the safest neighborhoods in Chapel Hill as well as their ability to thrive in the decades to come based on location. Briar Chapel and Claremont have both been ranked as top neighborhoods in Chapel Hill by Raleigh Reality Homes (Briar Chapel received similar honors by Indy Weekly as well). We are fairly confident you will love it here in Carolina country as much as we do.

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